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"Hike": This Fuckin' Guy Spends a Weekend Hiking.

  Hike   Prologue : First, to expose a fucking artifice for what it fucking is: This is not an actual fucking diary I wrote all of this on the same fucking day (July 27). So, even though I fucking wrote it to make it look like a diary I am not fucking interested in convincing you That this is a fucking diary. Rather, I want to make it crystal fucking clear That this is not, in fucking fact, an actual fucking diary, So as not to be fucking misleading. So let's get fucking started.   Thursday, July 24, 5:30 PM : I'm in the fucking hardware store Having a fucking set of keys made, And the music that is playing Is "Dueling Fucking Banjo's" -- The fucking theme song from fucking Deliverance . The motherfucker making the fucking keys Is talking to me about How the banjos are driving him fucking crazy and he can't fucking think, But I'm thinking about how in two days, I'm supposed to go on a fucking hike On the Appalachian Fucking Tra