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"Ossoff" and "FBI": This Fuckin' Guy Gives, Gives a Little More, and Refuses to Give

Ossoff Yeah, what the fuck, I gave that motherfucker some money today. I figured, any motherfucker gets 48 per cent running as a Democrat in the Georgia 6th deserves a little something. So I gave him a little fucking money. Just a little fucking money. And then Act Blue, who coordinates the fucking contributions, was like "Hey--could we get a fucking tip?" And I was like, sure, I'll tip you motherfuckers too, Because 20 percent of the tiny fucking donation I just gave to this motherfucker Ossoff is like nothing anyway, But it's better than fucking nothing. Last week, when Ossoff was polling at like 42 per cent, I was like, "No fucking way is this motherfucker going to win the runoff," But maybe he fucking will. Anyway, it's worth throwing a little fucking money in. Skin in the fucking game. April 19, 2017 FBI Monday, I was about to dock a Citibike Over by the motherfucking ferry, And this guy is like, "Yo, could I borrow yo