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"Weather", "Tchaikovsky," "Ligeti," and "Gorecki":This Fucking Guy goes On About the Weather, and a Few Composers He Happens to Fucking Like

You know,
If I had had
Any fucking idea
What the temperature was
Before I motherfucking left for work
I would have brought my fucking bike helmet
And rode down here.
I feel like I really fucking missed out.

But I can't blame the motherfucking weather
I should have fucking checked the fucking weather
Then I would have fucking known

Ok, I just checked the weather
It's like 6, maybe 7 degrees Celsius
Colder than I fucking thought
If I had seen that before I left,
I would've been like, "Fuck that,
That's too motherfucking cold."

But it wouldn't have fucking been
It would have been a really nice motherfucking time
So what the fuck?
What the fuck should I have fucking done?

Yes, 'tis the fucking season
When I fucking find myself
Listening to a lot of Tchaikovsky

Now, I like that motherfucker
There are so many nice fucking tunes
In the motherfucking Nutcracker
That it blows my motherfucking mind
Every fucking time

I don't…

"Report": This Fuckin' Guy is Pissed Off About Some Fucking Bullshit

Report So a fucking Senate report comes out That is basically the same As the motherfucking Red Cross report from  Two thousand and fucking seven And these motherfuckers all over the fucking place
Are acting like this is fucking news?

Asking if torture is really fucking torture? Fuck you.

I mean, ok: It's not like I fucking go to the mainstream fucking news media
For fucking news.
I go because I like to know what people are being told.
And of course, people are being told bullshit,
Like that old fucking song:
"In Leningrad, the people say"
(Just fucking google it),
But it's fucking worse than that
We're all fucking being told,
"It's okay, you didn't know." Fuck you you didn't  know.

You don't have to read the fucking New York Review of Books
(You should, but you don't have to)
You don't have to read fucking Truthout,
Or The Nation,
Or the Progress Report,
Or whatever the fuck.
To tell you the fucking truth,
I don't read a lo…