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Dan West: This Fucking Guy Celebrates A Friendship

So this fucking morning, I get one of these fucking messages from Facebook, Telling me I'm celebrating Three fucking years of friendship Between me and Dan Fucking West. There’s a little fucking video thing. I've never looked at one of these fucking Facebook videos before. It's kind of fucking stupid, But it brought back some nice fucking memories. I really fucking like Dan West. He is one awesome motherfucking motherfucker -  I'm fucking serious like a motherfucking heart attack. But at the end of the fucking video, It says something like, "There are billions of fucking friendships out there, But only one like yours (Meaning mine and Dan West's). That's fucking awesome." I'm not sure why that is fucking awesome. You could say that every fucking friendship Is fucking unique. Is that awesome? I don't fucking know. Maybe it is. No two fucking snowflakes, am I right? Of course I'm fucking right. I guess it would b