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"Trump II: Speech" and "Retrospect": This Fuckin' Guy Reflects.

Trump II: Speech* Jesus fucking cocks How do you like the balls on this motherfucking piece of shit? Make the bar so fucking low That that shit looks statesmanlike? That that shit looks good? Fuck that shit And fuck you. But I will say one fucking thing: It's a fucking shame that no Democrat since probably LBJ Would even fucking think of proposing A trillion fucking dollars on infrastructure And I will say fuck yes to that. I will give credit when credit is due Like what that piece of shit Bush did in Africa: A lot of fucking money to fight AIDS, malaria, and other fucked up shit over there Whereas that fuck Reagan took five fucking years to even say the fucking word "AIDS." That piece of shit ratbastard fuck. So fuck yes to Bush fighting AIDS, malaria, and other fucked up shit in Africa And fuck yes to proposing a trillion dollars for infrastructure Even if it never fucking happ‎ens It's a nice fucking gesture It's a lovely fucking gestu‎re So fuck yes I