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"Return" and "Trump I": This Fuckin' Guy Comes Back.

Return It's been a long fucking time. I'm not all that into me, but I've kind of fucking missed me. After writing something like a hundred fucking poems in 14 months, This Fuckin' Guy was getting fucking repetitive and pedestrian and boring. To me, at least. And I don't think I was the only fucking one. But, now that 14 more months have gone by (17, actually) And what with the state of the motherfucking union, It feels like there might be a place again For This Fuckin' Guy. Let's see.... February 28, 2017 Trump I* (In Seven Parts) I Well, yeah, of course. Fuck this fucking piece of shit Fuck this piece of shit in his fucking dick With a fucking corkscrew Stick a fucking corkscrew in his dick And screw it in. Hard. Fucking piece of shit. Fuck this fucking motherfucker. II I've been trying to transcend I've been meditating and being all like Live and let live But then this ever changing world in which we live in Made me give in and cr