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"Accordions" - Because Why the Fuck Not?

Okay, it's Sunday fucking night
And for some fucking reason
For the last several fucking hours
I've been hearing fucking accordion music in my head
And thinking about accordions

Now, I happen to really fucking like accordion music
I often find it really fucking soothing
Like, if I was having a really hard fucking day
--which I'm not; today has gone pretty fucking good, mostly--
But if I fucking was,
It would be really fucking nice
To lie down on a comfortable fucking couch
Or sit in a nice fucking chair
Or, fuck, just sit on the fucking floor
And listen to some really nice relaxing fucking accordion music
That would be a nice fucking time
That would be really fucking splendid

But, now, to be fucking fair about it,
You can play a fucking polka on an accordion
And sometimes you really fucking should

There's a time to relax,
And there's a time to listen to a fucking polka
Or maybe some fucking zydeco
I don't fucking know,
I'm just fucking saying
Accordions can be multi fucking faceted

So maybe if I'm lying on the fucking couch
Like a fat fucking lazy fucking piece of shit
Maybe the best fucking prescription
For this fucking guy
Would be some fucking zydeco

I'd be on my fucking feet
In no fucking time
Fuck yes
Fucking Clifton motherfucking Chenier, for example
Fuck yes
That's what I'm fucking talking about

But why?
Why am I fucking talking about fucking accordions?
What the fuck
Could have possibly fucking possessed me
To have chosen
Such a seemingly random fucking topic of fucking discourse
Au jour fucking d'hui?

If I fucking know
I'm not fucking telling


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